Loving You Tonight

Loving You Tonight.


We’re Moving

moving2As a way of serving you better and to help people find our blog, we’ve decided to change our domain name to reflect the official name of our blog: The Romantic Vineyard.  Nothing else is changing – but you will need to follow this link to our new address, copy it and paste it into your bookmarks so you won’t miss any of our upcoming posts.

Also, if you haven’t already, we would appreciate it if you would link our site to your family blog.  We want to make it accessible to as many people as possible.  Thank you for your help and for your encouragement.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Personalized Radio Without Commercials

radioA friend recently suggested we check out PandoraRadio.com.  What an amazing tool!!  You can type in your favorite type of romantic music – Kenny G, Josh Groban, Norah Jones, etc… and it compiles a continuous play of music that fits that genre.  The best part is there are no commercial interruptions!  I don’t know about you, but having commercials interrupt a romantic evening is a real mood breaker.  Thanks, Paul, for sharing this site with us!

NOTE:  Be sure to check out the Husbands/Wives Only tabs above for great ideas for St. Patrick’s Day, which is tomorrow – March 17th!  Don’t waste your holiday – these are great opportunities to romance your spouse in a fun and cost-effective way!  Top O The Mornin’ To Ya!

The World Is Taking Notice

Winter Park Art Festival Next Weekend!

morse06I recently realized that I’m as old as the Winter Park Art Festival – hmmm! Not really that special, but it seems like I should get a free ticket – oh wait — it’s a free event! 🙂

Anyway, this is one of our favorite dates – to stroll the festival hand in hand. Click here for all the details!  If you don’t live in the Orlando area, this is the time of year that most cities offer Spring Arts Festivals.  Be sure to check one out in your area.  And don’t forget your camera!

A Surprising Habit!


What is it about surprises that make us smile?  Is it the unexpected or just the fact that someone cared enough to pull off such a surprise?  Surprises are one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to romance your spouse.   I have heard of a husband who said that he always has a surprise of some sort in the works for his wife.  What a great habit to form!

Take some time to think of a surprise for your spouse that you can do today.

(NOTE:  Be sure to check out the “For Husbands/Wives Only” pages.  There are great ideas for St. Patrick’s Day which is Tuesday, March 17th.)

Orlando Festival of Chocolate

chocolate-749217If you LOVE chocolate – this might be the perfect date night for you to consider!  It’s a festival devoted to this sweet confection.  Check out all the details HERE!

WHEN:  March 7 & 8

WHERE:  The Florida Hotel, adjacent to the Florida Mall

COST:  $10 for adults, children under 10 FREE