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We’re Moving

moving2As a way of serving you better and to help people find our blog, we’ve decided to change our domain name to reflect the official name of our blog: The Romantic Vineyard.  Nothing else is changing – but you will need to follow this link to our new address, copy it and paste it into your bookmarks so you won’t miss any of our upcoming posts.

Also, if you haven’t already, we would appreciate it if you would link our site to your family blog.  We want to make it accessible to as many people as possible.  Thank you for your help and for your encouragement.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


The World Is Taking Notice

Marriage is Always Urgent

marriage_covenantWe discovered a great article on the Purpose of Marriage by John Piper.  Here is a taste of what he has to say:

Marriage is always urgent. There never has been a generation whose view of marriage is high enough. The chasm between the biblical vision of marriage and the human vision is, and has always been, gargantuan. Some cultures in history respect the importance and the permanence of marriage more than others. Some, like our own, have such low, casual, take-it-or-leave-it attitudes toward marriage as to make the biblical vision seem ludicrous to most people.

You can read the rest of this article by clicking HERE!  Our blog is committed to helping marriages grow not only romanitcally, but more importantly – biblically.  With the latter the former is certain to follow.  Our goal isn’t to encourage self-focused romantic marriages, but on the contrary God-centered marriages that delight in glorifying Him in how we treat our spouses.   Having been the recipient of this kind of God-honoring love for 30 years with Tom, I am living proof that marriage God’s way is only way it will succeed.

A Banner Year

celebratelifelogo2009 is a big year for Tom and me – we’ll celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in February; I’ll turn 50 in July; Tom will turn 55 in August (senior discounts here we come!) and our business, Nass Parts and Service, turns 60!

Banner years are always reminders of God’s faithfulness.  But each year of our marriage is to be celebrated and is significant because our relationship models Christ’s relationship with His church.  In fact, each day should be cherished and celebrated.

However, life happens and we can miss the moments worth magnifying.  How often my husband compliments me and vocalizes his love for me., yet I find myself at times nodding as if saying, “I know!”.   God forgive me, this ought not to be!!  What a gift from God his love is, and my heart knows this well.  So why do I make light of it?  Sadly, it can be due to familiarity.

Aesop said, “familiarity breeds contempt”.  In other words, the more you know about someone the more you take them for granted.  I’m grateful that Aesop’s words aren’t the words of life – God’s Word alone holds that honor. And His Word is where marital love is compared to Christ and His church.  (See Ephesians 5:22-32)

So, this year let’s purpose to celebrate our love.  If you haven’t already, take time to plan weekly date nights together.  If you have regular date nights  – ask yourself if they have become familiar?

The best way to shake off the familiar is to plan something new and exciting.  Do something together that you’ve never done before!  Our blog offers lots of ideas for you – but if you don’t find what you need, just ask!  We welcome your questions!  Most of all, let’s demonstrate to the world around us that marriage is indeed a glorious relationship that honors God and reflects His love for the church.  Not to mention that it can be really fun!

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

great-dates-orlandoThere is a great resource for those of us in the Orlando area; it’s the Great Dates Orlando blog.  The author is Kristen Manieri – a freelance writer who loves her weekly date night with her husband!  She has even published a book titled, Great Dates Orlando – 52 ways to experience Orlando’s romantic side.  Although many of the dates listed in the book can be pricey, it is still worth purchasing, and even more so right now; it’s on sale “buy one get one free”.  This would be a great gift for someone who seems to have everything!

Tom and I started this blog with the desire to help marriages flourish to the glory of God – which includes great date night ideas.  But it’s also intended to go a step further in providing thought provoking questions that dig deeper into our hearts where we can honestly express to our spouse our hopes, dreams, desires, fears, and even disappointments.

We know that during the Christmas season, many of you are too busy to afford a night out alone unless it’s shopping for that last present., much less to be reading our blog each week.  So, we’re taking the rest of the year off, but look for us to start things up and running again in 2009.

May you have a Blessed Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior!  Take full advantage of that mistletoe!  🙂

The Husband No Wife Regrets

this-momentary-marriageThis being the week of Thanksgiving I thought I would forgo our typical date night ideas and offer you a rich quote from John Piper’s book, This Momentary Marriage:

The Husband No Wife Regrets

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden and God came to call them to account, it didn’t matter that Eve had sinned first. God said, “Adam, where are you?” (Gen. 3:9). That’s God’s word to the family today: Adam, husband, father, where are you? If something is not working right at the Piper house and Jesus comes knocking on the door, he may have an issue with my wife, but the first thing he’s going to say when she opens the door is, “Is the man of the house home?” That’s the way it happened in the first marriage. That’s the way it will happen in our marriage.

When a man joyfully bears the primary God-given responsibility for Christlike, servant leadership and provision and protection in the home—for the spiritual well-being of the family, for the discipline and education of the children, for the stewardship of money, for the holding of a steady job, for the healing of discord—I have never met a wife who is sorry she married such a man. Because when God designs a thing (like marriage), he designs it for his glory and our good.

As an added bonus, Desiring God Ministries is offering this excellent book as a free PDF download.

We pray that your Thanksgiving will be full of gratefulness for all that God has done and is doing in your relationship as husband and wife.

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The Best Echo

husbands-love-your-wivesThe following is taken from C.J. Mahaney’s excellent book (page 23), “Sex, Romance and the Glory of God” – a must read for married couples desiring to grow.

“Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh,” This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church.” Ephesians 5:31-32

This means that your marriage is meant to be, by the grace of God, the best echo, the most faithful reflection, of that relationship that you can possibly be.  It’s not about impressing people or drawing attention to ourselves.  It’s about being genuinely united in a strong, godly, intimate relationship that echoes the one between Christ and the Church.

Has your marriage primarily been centered on you?  On your wife?  On your children?  On your responsibilities? On your goals?  On your comforts?  On your stuff?  If so, you’ve been trying to live in a way you were never intended to.

The biblical purpose for marriage, you see, is not man-centered or needs-centered.  It’s God-centered.  It’s profoundly mysterious and profoundly significant.  Your marriage is meant to point to the truth of the crucified and risen Savior who will return for His Bride.

So, the question is – how is your marriage doing at echoing the Savior?  Your comments are welcomed and encouraged.