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Taste Of Romance

About a year and a half ago, Tom and I had the opportunity to travel to Southern France in the Provence District with friends.  The picture in our header is one we took of the countryside where we were privileged to stay.  While there we visited a local winery, which are as numerous as our convenience stores are here in the States, but much more inviting!   Anyway, we walked into the little shop and browsed the shelves waiting for the clerk to offer us a taste of their wine.  He seemed busy, and we were afraid to interrupt.  Not long after, another couple (French speaking) entered the store, and he quickly offered them a glass.  It dawned on us that the clerk was waiting for us to ask for a sample in French.  digustationFortunately, one of us remembered the French word for “tasting – digustation”  and right away he smiled and poured each of us a glass.

Needless to say, we felt very out of place in the moment.  He knew what we wanted, and we knew what we wanted, but we didn’t know how to ask!

In the same way our vineyard has regular visitors who don’t call Orlando home.  They stop by hoping for someone to offer them a taste of romance – ideas that they can use in their part of the world.  So, if this is you we invite you to ask.  We aren’t too busy to hear from you, and we even speak English.  🙂

We have many friends who have great ideas as well, which is why we’ve added one more page called “Contributors” above.  Do you have a date night idea you would like to share with us?  Do you want to honor your spouse for what they’ve done to bless you romantically?  Then, send them to us via e-mail:  debiwalter @ (I purposefully left spaces to prevent spammers), and we will add your idea to our Contributors page.  We’ll even keep you annonymous if you prefer.  This site isn’t about us – it’s about the fruit God has given, and  like a fine wine we gladly share with all who stop by for a taste!


How Do You Hold Hands?


After thirty years of being together, Tom and I still love to hold hands.  However, I had no idea that there was actually a technique to master this romantic practice.  Read the top ten techniques below to see how many you and your spouse have mastered already:

Top Ten Hand Holding Techniques

1. The Passive Hand Hold

This is hand holding in its simplest form: your sweetheart’s hand gently but firmly cupped in yours.  It’s most appropriate for public environments where you want to remain tasteful and avoid looking “clingy,” but is still a great, effective way to add physicality to your romantic relationship.

2. The Intertwined Fingers Hand Hold

A step up from the Passive Hand Hold, Intertwined Fingers provides a firmer grip and an increased sense of intimacy.  This type of hand holding is perfect while taking a romantic walk together, but it can have a downside of sweaty palms!

3. The One-Finger Hand Hold

Holding just one of your lover’s fingers is a more romantically playful method for times when you’re feeling flirtatious.  This is the easiest hand hold for your sweetheart to pull away from, but is still a great way to add some fun intimacy to the mix.

4. The Massaging Hand Hold

Turning a simple hand-holding session into a relaxing massage is a wonderful romantic surprise to give your sweetheart.  There’s an art to romantic massage, and an unlimited number of ways you can caress your lover’s hands and give attention to each finger.  This hand-holding method is best used while sitting down!

5. The Two-Hand Hold

Here’s another technique that is tough to do while standing, but one of the best ways to add some serious physicality and intimacy to hand holding.  Taking your sweetheart’s hand in both of yours will give them a deep sense of security, importance and calm.

6. The Palm Caress Hand Hold

This method is an intimate, secret way to tastefully caress your lover without being noticed by others around you.  Starting with the Passive or Intertwined Fingers technique, use one of your fingers to gently rub your sweetheart’s palm in an up-and-down or swirling fashion.

7. The Kissing Hand Hold

The Kissing Hand Hold is perfect for intimate situations when you’re alone with your special someone, and is often combined with the Two-Hand Hold.  Clean hands are perfect for kissing, and you should never be afraid to shower your lover’s fingertips, palms and wrists with romantic pecks!

8. The Gentle Pinching Hand Hold

This one isn’t right for every romantic relationship, and can be a little too playful and rough for some couples.  But gently pinching your lover’s fingertips and palms, if done correctly, can be an exciting, fun experience for you and your sweetheart, as long as you make sure you don’t do it too hard.

9. The Warm-Up Hand Hold

When it’s cold outside, there’s no better way to warm up your fingers than by having them caressed and rubbed lovingly by your favorite person in the world.  Don’t make your sweetheart use a heater when you have two perfectly good, warm hands to help them out!  Combine this technique with the Massaging Hand Hold for a great effect.

10. The The Morse-Code Hand Hold

This is the most unorthodox and interactive hand-holding technique, but can be a heck of a lot of fun if you and your lover can master it.  Agree ahead of time of a phrase that you want to share with each other silently–such as “I love you”–and assign it a number of squeezes that correspond with the syllables in the phrase.  Your sweetheart will remember that when you squeeze three times it means “I-love-you” . . . and can respond with a four-squeeze “I-love-you-too”!


Full Cold Moon


How often do you take the time to notice the moon?  It sparks romance in every culture.  Those who are freshly in love find great pleasure in gazing together at the moon, especially when it is full.  On our honeymoon we went on a cruise, and we’ll always remember seeing the full moon shining brightly over the ocean.  Songs have been written about it, movies have been centered on its effect with lovers, and there are countless books as well.

No matter how long you have been married, why not take the time this month to enjoy gazing at this nighttime wonder that God made for our pleasure and His glory? As you’ll read below (source: The Farmer’s Almanac), this night will be especially romantic.  You could even plan a midnight picnic under the stars in your own backyard.  Is your Friday night already booked?  Then, Saturday’s moon will appear just as full.

A Wonderful Sight

December 12 — The Full Cold Moon
Sky watchers will be dazzled by an exceptionally high, bright, and large Moon. In fact, this Moon is 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full Moons this year. Why? The Moon is both in its full phase and at a point in its orbit that is nearest Earth, called its perigee. When these events occur together, the Moon is closer to Earth than usual. The effect? The Full Cold Moon will appear especially large near the horizon as the Sun sets.

The Moon is also high at this time of year; when it’s overhead (near midnight), it will light up the landscape. Take a magical stroll and see your world at night. You won’t need a flashlight!

Steady Presence


“To fall in love is easy, even to remain in it is not difficult; our human loneliness is cause enough. But is a hard quest worth making to find a comrade through whose steady presence one becomes steadily the person one desires to be.”

+ Anna Strong (American Journalist and author, 1885 – 1970)

Consistent date nights with your spouse offer the growth Anna Strong speaks of in this excellent quote. With Thanksgiving next week, why not take the time to write a note to your husband/wife thanking them for specific evidences of God’s grace in their lives that have helped you in your growth in godliness?

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!